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NED's lasting impact

Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS)

Trevor's Story (2:00)

The NED Show completely changed this student's outlook on school. Trevor and his parents tell the touching story.

Better Behavior (1:10)

A Wisconsin principal and teacher explain how they used "NED Certificates" to achieve better behavior throughout their school.

Creating a Culture Shift (2:10)

The school psychologist and principal at Turtle Creek reveal how using NED has created a culture shift in their school.

A NED Team of Leaders (1:30)

By creating a NED Team, this Texas principal and counselor created a unique leadership opportunity for 5th graders.

Writing and Science

Writing Exercises (1:30)

Teachers discover that students use "NED" to make their writing exercises both personal and incredibly relevant.

Writing Activity (1:10)

See how a 5th grade teacher used a writing activity to learn more about the unique personal aspirations of her students.

Science Fair (1:10)

Get ideas from a PTA member who turned the NED enthusiasm into a very successful theme for an all-school Science Fair.

Test Prep

NED & State Assessment (1:30)

Get ideas from a social worker for Baltimore County Public Schools who ties NED into the Maryland State Assessment.

Increasing Confidence (1:45)

Learn from a school counselor who takes the NED enthusiasm and uses it to increase her students' testing confidence.

Have a look at The NED Show

Learn About the Show (1:35)

Highlights from the Show (1:35)

Teachers, meet NED! (2:03)

Pay-It-Forward (1:43)

Classroom Videos

The NED Pledge


Color Your World with Kindness


Friendship Soup (3:15)

Is there one secret ingredient to making Friendship Soup, or are there several? Find out what these kids think! View all Building Relationships lesson plans and resources.

You Can Be an Upstander (4:00)

NED demonstrates what it takes to go from being a bystander to an upstander by standing up to bullying!

View all Preventing Bullying lesson plans and resources.


Testing Tips Rap (1:55)

Set the tone on test prep with this fun, catchy rap. Three students and Two NED performers drop knowledge on preparing for a big test. View all of NED's cool testing resources.

Excellent Work - Anna (4:30)

Anna Banana Freeze talks about how she achieved her secret dream of becoming a break dancer.

Recommended Grades K-6

Excellent Work - Molly (3:45)

Through working hard and believing in herself, Molly achieves her ice cream dream.

Recommended Grades K-4

Excellent Work - PopCap (4:30)

Mark and Colleen share how their excellent habits in school prepared them for their dream job.

Recommended Grades 3-6

Yo-Yo Videos

Learn To Yo Foundations

These six videos will teach you what you’ll need to know to play with your yo-yo. You will learn how to: play safely, prepare your yo, throw your yo, wind up your yo, and change the string. You will also learn all about the hitch.

1  Yo-Yo Safety

2  How to Adjust Your String

What is the Hitch?

How to Throw Your Yo-Yo

How to Wind Your Yo-Yo

How to Change Your String

Equipment Videos

These three videos will teach you everything you need to know about the working parts of your yo-yo. Find the yo-yo that you'd like to know more about, and let our esteemed instructor show you new details and exciting tips!

Equipment video for the NED yo-yo
Equipment video for the boomerang yo-yo
Equipment video for the Cosmic Spin yo-yo

1  NED Yo-Yo

    (Go Yo & UFO Yo)

2   Boomerang Yo-Yo
     (Yeti Yo)

Cosmic Spin 2, EXCELerator,

    and Spark Yo-Yo

NED's Six Trix

Each of these six videos will show you how to do a yo-yo trick.
Now you can have fun learning NED's Six Trix!

1  Gravity Gripper

2  Flip Flop

Forward Pass


Walk the Dog

Rock the Baby


1 - NED's Weaving Wheel

Do you have a Create & Celebrate Friendship Bracelet Kit? Eleven-year old Natalie will show you how to use NED's Weaving Wheel! Printed instructions are included in your kit, so you can follow along if you want.